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The Rocks

The Rocks-(two minute drive from the Hopewell Rocks Motel & Country Inn) Other names given these massive rock formations is “The Largest Flower Pots In The World” where spruce trees grow on top. These formations are the result of 300 million years of battle like thundering of ocean against land, with the land being the conquered, shaped by its captor “The Mighty Bay of Fundy.”


Here the tides are the highest in the world, measuring 14 meters (48 feet) in Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick. At the Hopewell Rocks , three hours after high tide wind down the stairway and walk on the ocean floor. Explore the caves that once were solid cliffs, carved out by the constant rising, falling and pounding of the Bay.


Kayaking – during high tide at The Hopewell Rocks. Ease into your kayak and see The Rocks as only land lovers can imagine. Manueuver your kayak in and around, over and under The Rocks.



Baymount Outdoor Adventures. Join us on one of our guided hiking, sea kayaking, caving or mountain bike adventures and allow us to share our rich heritage and natural history. Join us for a vacation memory on the Spectacular Bay of Fundy.

Cape Enrage

(30 minute drive from the Hopewell Rocks Motel & Country Inn) Cape Enrage is the oldest lighthouse in Mainland New Brunswick and has been in continuous operation since 1848, it is now automated. It is situated near Fundy National Park at the mouth of the Mighty Bay of Fundy. At Cape Enrage you can do a number of activities: multi-day and day adventure, rappelling, workshops, adult & children’s adventure camp, rock climbing and much more.

Fundy National Park

(45 minute drive from the Hopewell Rocks Motel & Country Inn) Explore its shoreline shaped by the spectacular tides of the Bay of Fundy and its moist, coastal forest of red spruce and balsam fir. Inland from the shore, hills rise to rolling plateaus cut by deep valleys and fast flowing streams.

The 206 square kilometer park has something for everyone in the family. Well known for its hiking and lively interpretive programs, you can also enjoy a nine hole golf course, tennis court and lawn bowling.


Traveling through the park, you’ll discover panoramic views of the bay, coastal cliffs and rolling forested hills…even a covered bridge or two. (506)887-6000

History & Museums

The history of Albert County can be found in the following museums:

  • The Old Bank Museum in Riverside-Albert

  • The Hopewell Cape Museum in Hopewell Cape

  • The Old Court House in Hopewell Cape

  • The William Henry Steeves House in the Village of Hillsborough


Walk up the shore (behind the Hopewell Rocks Motel & Country Inn) and see the hundreds of thousands of semi-palmated sandpipers and other shore birds. These birds have flown non-stop from Alaska, here they feed on the tiny sea life just below the mud surface, and double their weight in preparation for their migratory journey to their summer home in Venezuela, South America. 


(10 minute drive from the Hopewell Rocks Motel & Country Inn) In the village of Hillsborough, Baymount Outdoor Adventure will take you on an adventure back in time. Explore the gypson caves, feel the inside of the earth and experience darkness as never before! Call (506) 734-1980.

The Dykes

Also along the shore (behind the Hopewell Rocks Motel & Country Inn) you will see the remains of the Acadian Dykes. They were put into place 300 years ago by the early Acadian Settlers in their attempt to hold back the sea during high tide, so that they could farm the rich fertile marsh lands. These dykes were made from the tamarack tree.


Crooked Creek

A breathtaking view from the Crooked Creek lookout. Be sure to have your cameras ready! Located just 15 minutes from the Hopewell Rocks Motel & Country Inn.

Fishing Village

(45 minute drive from the Hopewell Rocks Motel & Country Inn). The fishing Village of Alma is located in a beautiful sheltered harbour which is nestled among the Caledonia Highlands on the north shore or the Bay of Fundy. It is the service center for Fundy National Park, and is where the largest lobsters in the Maritimes are caught.


(45 minute drive to Fundy Golf Course from the Hopewell Rocks Motel & Country Inn) There is a great 9 hole golf course in Fundy National Park (506) 887-6000 and a new 18 hole golf course in Hillsborough called The Burro Hills Golf Course (506) 734-6000 (just 10 minutes from the Hopewell Rocks Motel & Country Inn).

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